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The AR-1000 records digital documents onto "Fujifilm Archive Media" providing convenient and safe long-term preservation of stored information. The AR-1000 solves the issue of long-term preservation of information, the only drawback to digital data. It also offers a document management solution by managing the lifecycle of the documents from creation through storage and destruction.

500 Years of Protection

Fujifilm Archive Media used with the AR-1000, is a ISO certified microfilm with a life expectancy of 500 years. It is best suited for long-term preservation of important documents and valuable digital data.

High-speed recording

Business-sized records can be recorded at over 400 pages per minute in duplex mode. The AR-1000 features parallel processing of jobs, providing greater throughput.

Easy Operation

Simply follow the on-screen instructions. No darkroom is necessary.

Built-in File Converters

New Virtual AR software makes archiving easier. Converts over 50 bit mapped file types even Grayscale and color images including TIFF, PDF, JPEG and GIF and many more.

High image quality

Fujifilm Archive Media has been newly developed to allow faithful reproduction of digital information with high resolution, high contrast and sharp image quality.


Sophisticated design suited for an office. Space saving compact body design.

Versatile editing functions

  • Index information can be created from file name or text file and recorded at the beginning of a film roll.
  • Large volumes of documents are spanned to multiple rolls of film with an economical layout. Large size documents are easily matched to the film by reduction, rotation and division of the image.
  • Alignment of film image can be selected between top, center and bottom.

Virtual Film Preview

Select the files and the settings and preview a virtual job on the PC screen before committing the files for output.

Versatile editing functions

Input data format TIFF(single/multi-page), Compressed(G3, G4, LZW)/Non-compressed.
Film output format Simultaneous recording on two 16mm roll films (Simplex, Nega/Posi, Large/medium/small blip, Page address)
Max. Resolution Portrait (a4, 300dpi), landscape (A3, 300dpi)
Recording Speed More than 400 pages/min. (Letter size portrait @ 300dpi. Actual performance may vary depending upon settings chosen.)
Zoom/Division/Rotation Simultaneous processing during editing
Index frame generation Automatically generated from file names or text file.
Support Software AR-1000 Support Tool - Virtual AR job set up software
Weight/Size 98 kg, 520(W) X 755(D) X *1100(H)mm
215 lb, 20(W) X 30(D) X 43(H) in.
Power supply 100-120V AC, 0.3kVA

Fujifilm Archive Media

Exposure value Optimal Sensitivity for Red LED
Spectral sensitivity Panchromatic
Base PET Polyester clear base 5mil and 2.5mil
Size 16mm X 100ft and 215ft
Resolving Power 850 lines/mm (contrast 1000:1 chart)

AR Support Tool

OS Windows 7
Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
CPU Pentium4, 2GHz or higher
Memory 1GB or more
HDD 40GB or more free space
Network Interface 2 Ethernet 100/1000 Ports required
  • Check configuration of TIFF file
  • Set filming parameters
  • Save and load the setting
  • Preserve processed data for selected period